Benartex Crescendo!

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

We just received the Crescendo collection, designed for Benartex by Amanda Murphy. We were so excited to play with these new fabrics and we thought Pinwheels In The Garden would allow us to experiment with all of the colors and textures. This combination of pastel and bold shades are displayed as sand, waves, diamonds, and rain. This pattern can be found as a free download from Benartex or from our Quilt Patterns and Kits page.

This was originally intended for an older fabric line but the colors lined up almost perfect with Crescendo. There is one less light blue in the collection but with some improvisation it came out beautiful.

Another deviation from the original pattern was a dark blue fabric for the sashing rather than one of the light blues from the pinwheel blocks. This same blue was used for the binding rather than the border fabric, as was originally called for. The dark blue does a nice job framing the quilt and balances the busy-ness of the blocks.

For me, the challenging part is the pinwheels themselves. I got most of the centers lined up well, but not all of them. I like simple designs such as this because the entire quilt can be finished over a weekend (or as an emergency gift idea!), but it provides an opportunity to build skills, too. I think it might be a good one for me to play with another of our new lines and get better at my centers!

The quilt was finished using the Dragonfly Stipple stencil from The Stencil Company. We love their stencils and find they are an easy way to practice free motion quilting - like having training wheels!

If you like these colors and would like a kit with our instruction variations, the original pattern, and these fabrics, please visit our Quilt Patterns and Kits page!

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