Designing an Easter Wall Hanging

Here is a little wall hanging quilt I put together recently. We had a new shipment from Benartex that included Hippity Hoppity 10 inch stackers.

I couldn't resist! I googled for quilt ideas that would display as much of this cuteness as possible and I found this -

The pattern called for 5 inch squares in addition to 10, but cutting a 10 inch into quarters works too! While looking at all of the beautiful quilt ideas on the internet, I also ran across this pattern -

These bunnies would be perfect for the white corners created by the five inch squares. To create contrast with the applique, I used fat quarters from other Benartex collections, Planted with Love and Full Bloom.

For the first time, I free motion quilted a looping meander, which matched the motifs from some of the fabrics!

All was going well and I was sure I'd complete the project in one afternoon. And then my machine stopped working :(

I live in a small mountain town, so I don't know where I can take my machine for a repair. I need a small portable machine anyway, so I impulse shopped for a replacement. I'm not super excited about the new machine, but it will do for now. A few days later, I was ready to get back to work when - my iron died. Add a few bumps in the road from my personal life, and it's been something of a comedy of errors trying to finish this before Easter.

But all is well that ends well, and it looks great in our living room!

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