How busy have we been here at Nantahala Quilts?

About every other day lately, we receive a new fabric shipment, which begins anew the cycle of inventory, taking pictures, updating the web site, cutting for kits and precuts. And of course the best part - making new quilts! We will admit that almost everything we stock, we picked out with the hope that we would sew them into quilts of our own. And with every new shipment, the excitement builds as each becomes our new favorite. Personally, I love anything with dragonflies. So today's shipment of Gossamer Garden was the best thing that happened all day.

But right before that happened, Floragraphix V showed up. As owners of an online quilt shop, we share the frustrations in trying to determine what a fabric will look like in person as compared to online photos. We take as many photographs as we can, but nothing is as great as that moment you see a fabric for the first time. This collection is stunning - the colors are so vibrant and all of the different designs elegant and beautiful.

But right before that happened, we got three shipments from Henry Glass! Backyard Happenings, Linen Closet, and Scrap Happy. Three completely different styles, but all just as endearing to us. Also, I love anything with flowers and flower pots. Oh, also snails. And chickens.

My sister and I generally have different tastes in fabric and different styles when it comes to picking out or designing quilts. I am continually surprised at how much I like the fabric she picks out after it arrives. These two would not have been my picks. Now that they are here, I have already decided to make the pattern that Henry Glass offers for the Scrap Happy collection. You know, with all the free time I have and the stack of quilts still in progress...

All in all it's been a pretty great week, even if we are staying up until 2am working. (But who complains when "working" means playing with fabric?) We have been enjoying sunshine and warmer temps here in the mountains, and we are continually being inspired by all of the creative designers out there. Always reach out to us if you have questions or need help with your projects. It is just the two of us, so you will always get personal attention.

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