Quilt kits!

These are surely strange times. We miss the pre-COVID things such as traveling to see our family, spending time with friends, enjoying a dinner or a movie out with our kids. And quilt shops! We miss touching all of the fabrics and admiring the sample quilts and sitting in classes with our fellow quilters. We know online shopping is hard for many, and picking out fabrics for a new quilt can be next to impossible. It is also difficult for online shops to provide options to order the specific cuts you need. To help with this, we have made many quilt kits available. Our distributors often offer free patterns for their collections, and we have been making those patterns available as free downloads and as kits with their recommended fabrics. Please see our Quilt Patterns and Kits page.

We have assembled kits around patterns for purchase.

We also carry pre-packaged kits designed by great companies like Riley Blake and Benartex!

Over the last week, Suzy has been playing with our inventory to mix and match patterns and fabrics in new and fun ways. We have a new category on our Quilt Patterns and Kits page called Quilt Kits Assembles by Nantahala Quilts. These kits include patterns combined with various pre-cuts and fabrics from our many collections. Most of the solids come from the Robert Kaufman Kona collection or P&B's Ramblings. We are continuing to offer new combinations that will include some of our new quilt books and rulers, too. If you like something but the combination isn't quite right for you, or you like a fabric but aren't sure what to do with it, please reach out. We have had a lot of fun talking with our customers and helping put together custom orders and we are more than happy to do that with anyone.

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