Sandy Gervais designed this beauty with Give Thanks fabric from Riley Blake.

When I saw this quilt I instantly knew I had to make it. For me, fall is the most beautiful time of the year. The changing leaves, Halloween with all the great colors, and the holidays right around the corner where we can spend time with our loved ones. The colors in the quilt are spectacular. I tackled this project to enjoy during Thanksgiving season, even though the quilting may not get finished.

This was designed as a Block of the Month. What’s great about BOM quilts is you have time to focus on each different design area for a month before the next month arrives. Most BOM quilts are also called sampler quilts. I’m really into sampler quilts (and I also have a small obsession with stars, which you will likely figure out as you see my future blog posts). As much as I love a quilt that is about the colors using a repeating design, the sampler always gets me excited to start and maybe learn a new technique or two.

As I was working through the blocks, each one felt very different and random. When I began to piece the blocks it all came together in a very organized way. I love it.

As someone who is still new to quilting and focusing on my points and detail, I really enjoyed this quilt design because the borders help you make everything fit perfectly. I’ve worked on quilts before and at the end things don’t always come together like you planned. We have all probably had wonky strips that didn’t fit (one too long, one too short) With this quilt you can trim the borders to fit perfectly. I did have to spend some time with Jack the Ripper, so I suggest you lay out your cut pieces to make sure you are going in the right direction. Another tip I would recommend for all quilts is to measure and trim the edges. Don’t be afraid to rip out what you have just sewn to fix and realign. You will thank yourself in the long run when everything comes together better.

I can say I really enjoyed working on this quilt. I’m now moving on to a beautiful Christmas quilt. This is the first holiday season I have not had to work retail and I’m really enjoying time with my family and making beautiful handmade gifts. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog - I’ll be back soon with my new quilt.

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