Spring Flowers are Here

I have been eagerly anticipating the arrival of the newest Jacqueline De Jonge BeColorful paper pieced quilt kits. I have an obsession with batiks and sparkly fabrics. These kits have it all. We have 6 amazing kits available to choose from.




Color Dance

Butterfly Garden


Last week it rained and rained so I felt the need to start my own flower garden and bring some color to my space. I have been working for days on these beautiful flower heads. I still have more than half to go but I'm loving it. I have only done one other paper pieced project. These are not hard to make once you get your groove on. If you have never paper pieced in the past youtube has some great clips to get you going. Or maybe find a class in your area. It is worth it.

You get a large amount of fabric for each kit and the colors are spectacular. I can't wait to see how this looks once it's complete. It may take me some time but you can be sure I will post pics once I get her done. Happy sewing to all.

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